The RRW T'Rul was a Scimitar-class warbird used by the Romulan Republic fleet in the early 25th century. (Star Trek: Justice)

The T'Rul was notable for being marginally less heavily armed than the original prototype of its class, as it boasted only 42 disruptor banks and 23 torpedo launchers. The vessel still posed a considerable threat and came as a surprise to Starfleet, which had not previously known that the Romulan Republic possessed such ships.

In 2412, the T'Rul, under the command of Admiral Sellis, served as the flagship of a fleet sent to aid the Federation in repelling a Borg invasion at Wolf 359. During the battle, the T'Rul was disabled, but was later repaired. ("Vengeance")

It is possible that the RRW T'Rul was named after Subcommander T'Rul, who briefly served aboard the USS Defiant in 2371.

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