RBS Verda was a Bajoran Militia Karaya-class cruiser originating in the 23rd century. (Bait and Switch: "A Changed World")

History Edit

In 2271, Verda was commanded by Colonel Shad Yima. She came under attack by a Klingon Akif-class battlecruiser commanded by Captain Krell. Shad offered to surrender but the Klingons refused, and so Shad fled to a black hole, NGC-21997, hoping to lose her pursuers. Verda fired four rounds from her aft coilguns at her pursuer, scoring at least one hit to Krell's starboard nacelle, and escaped, but damage to the ship's warp drive caused the ship to become displaced into the early 25th century by gravitational time dilation and rendered the ship unable to escape the gravity well.

In 2410, Verda's severely redshifted distress signal was detected by the passing USS Bajor, which traveled into the gravity well and was able to beam off the crew. Verda was subsequently destroyed by the black hole when her structural integrity field failed.

Structure and technical data Edit

As a Karaya-class vessel, Verda featured a delta-wing design with the warp nacelles mounted at the wingtips and the impulse engines in a large engine block at the stern.

Verda was primitive by Federation standards of the time period, featuring only a basic navigational deflector and two pairs of 5-kilo coilguns fore and aft. She was capable of warp 4.3.

Crew Edit

Seven members of Verda's original crew survived to be rescued by USS Bajor, though one was lost in transport.

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