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Qu was an omnipotent being from the Q Continuum who was younger and more radical than his counterpart, Q. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Sometime before or during 2390, Qu appeared Hirogen and convinced a small group of Hirogen to change their core values to be less about the hunt and more about killing because they can. The small group of Hirogen discovered this and captured Qu aboard the Tetain using omnipotent-like bindings, until their release by Captain Cell in an effort to stop the Hirogen from destroying more Starfleet ships. ("Into Harshness)

In 2410, Qu revealed to Menchez that everyone in the galaxy is constantly dying and getting re-spawned, only to have reality altered each time, for flow, and no memory of events, for sanity. When Menchez was under assassination by Rave, his constant revivals became a burden, and, through action, he convinced Qu to return him back to the way he was. ("There's Always Some Strings Attached")

In the same year, Qu met a Traveler named Wayfar and invited him to interact with the Calamarain. ("Second Life")

Aboard the USS Dropzone, Qu placed a crew of animal things around the ship in a hijack/hostage posture in an attempt to appeal to enable what he thought was Captain Samya's past-time. When she corrected him through song, Qu was satisfied enough for achieving Q-level mischief to leave the ship. ("The Sound of Q-sic")

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