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Lieutenant Yoomba is the chief of security on the USS Chichen Itza. He is a Tellarite. He goes beyond merely insulting others and has played numerous pranks. He was born in 2350 in Shirgat, Tellar. His first words were (to his mother) 'You smell like rancid turnip' He was babysat by none other than the future counselor of the Chichen Itza, Garwy, who at 350 years old was more than capable of babysitting him.

Life on the Chichen ItzaEdit

Lt. Yoomba has gone to great length on occasion for his pranks, including digging a pit trap in one of the ship's corridors and altering a door so he could do the old bucket-of -water-on-top trick. His insults have included telling Lt. commander Yoomoh his mother was a spam email. When he was being interviewed for substitute counselor he told Lt. commander Yoomoh that his problem is his 'smelly, bug-eyed father' His own mother once asked him 'what inbred cat coughed you up'. He is also quite slovenly, having belched at 110 decibels once. He once played Pachabell's Canon with his armpits. His smell has been an issue many times. He once tried to dance with Dr. Ibo and she threw him across the room. There have been a few times when he put the ship in jeopardy. He got into a revenge-cycle with Lt. commander Yoomoh and replaced the engineering staff with poorly qualified (and short-lived) scabs. He once turned off the lights in engineering, causing Lt. commander Yoomoh to walk into the isolinear chip assembly, damaging it. He has a pet targ and has been known to possess other pets, including a vulture like creature he bought on Bajor

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