Protoculture is also known as life blood to the Zentradi, is a powerful energy source that makes up their know physiology. What is known about the substance it is a biological engineering protein that contains immense power. Compared to a common cell, it has many similarities, yet it processes material like a nanoprobe. (Star Trek Crusader)

History Edit

In 2387, a small sample of protoculture damaged parts of Starbase 140, and decimated the Cestus IV Shipyard after it was introduced to a random energy source. It was later found out the it was used to create the cloned crewmen on attacking Orion Syndicate pirate ships, as well in cloning experiments with humanoids.

2389 the USS Crusader would find a Zentradi cruiser and confirm that protoculture was the main power source for the vehicles, and a needed resource for the Zentradi. Upon further study Doctor Bob Karo theorized that protoculture is the equivalent to humanoid protein that is probably a by product of another life form, presumably a plant. That same year, it was discovered that the properties of Protoculture as an unstable protein, is convertible on the molecular level to the Omega molecule. Some how the Zentradi have attained the technology to control Omega to power their ships.

Background informationEdit

  • Protoculture is a term that was created from the Robotech series, with minor elemental changes.

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