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Professor Gast's planet is a planet in the Gamma Quadrant where advanced and extinct animals have been bred from all over the galaxy. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Crash Bandicoots")

Astronomical DataEdit

Location Edit

  • Gamma Quadrant

Name(s) Edit

  • Professor Gast's Planet

Moon(s) Edit

  • Unknown

Further Information Edit

Historical Edit

Sometime in the mid 24th century, a man named Professor Gast made his home on the planet and bred extinct animals to roam free throughout. Gast, himself, built a central compound to monitor and house his science labs.

Xenobiology Edit

Some animals known to roam the planet are as follows:

Political Edit

No government of any kind, or civilization, had existed on the planet in 2374.

Geographical Edit

All Class M climates exist on the planet, but the humid areas of jungle and tropics make up most of it.

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