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Praetor was a political and military title used by various species.

The Romulan Star Empire's head of government was known as the Praetor (Rihannsu: Fvillha, lit. "landsmaster"). (TOS: "Balance of Power") While he was technically below the Emperor and the Imperial Legate, the Praetor is the actual power, acting as a prime minister. He was protected by the Tal Prai'ex and elected internally by the Romulan Senate, over which he presides. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command (game))

Fan continuities Edit

RIS BouteinaEdit

The Praetor in Star Trek canon is referred to in RIS Bouteina as the Chief Praetor (Rihannsu: Daise'Fvillha) and the others referred to as Praetors in RIS Bouteina are actually members of the Continuing Committee, among which the Proconsul and the Vice-Proconsul are included. (RIS Bouteina: "The Departure (RIS Bouteina episode)", "Rator III Awaits")

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