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Powerleveling Squadron was a Starfleet starfighter squadron formed in 2395. As with the 182nd Tactical Fighter Wing, it was assigned to Unity Three Starbase and its seven McCall-class fighters were used for bombing runs. Powerleveling Squadron preferred to outfit 500-kg plasma bombs, eschewing photon torpedoes and smaller (as well as larger) plasma bombs entirely.

It only participated in the late stages of the Battle of Azkapanama. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Murder Grove")

Courtney Ghergetta was the commanding officer of Powerleveling Squadron by 2416. In addition, Mavis Warrington was a pilot in Powerleveling Squadron. It was instrumental in the destruction of a Wyldefire Compact facility, Vegas Station, in the Scrap Yard, an asteroid field. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")

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