The Pothole Omnium was a special golf tournament played under Q'Naabian rules. Its first prize was the engineering team responsible for developing the Melbourne-class. It was played on an urban course with potholes serving as golf holes.

A riot happened rather early in the tournament, where the true nature of the tournament as a stage for pirate cartels to do their turf wars, such as the Orion Syndicate, was revealed. It was won by the Antechrist team by virtue of playing a better back nine than the Kessok. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Pothole Omnium")

The courseEdit

Par for the course was 73.

Hole 1Edit

That hole was a par-3 and was the location of the first hole-in-one, hit by a Kessok player.

Hole 2Edit

As with hole 1, it also was a par-3. On the other side of the city block was hole 5.

Hole 3Edit

It was a 481-meter-long, par-5 hole, where the hole was 20 meters uphill from the teeing area. It was lined up with cottages, as was the case for holes 1, 2 and 5.

Hole 4Edit

This 351-meter-long, par-4 hole was lined up with bungalows rather than cottages.

Hole 5Edit

This hole was opposite hole 2.

Hole 12Edit

That hole had multiple sewer portholes that served as water hazards.

Hole 18Edit

That hole was a double-dogleg, par-5 hole. Faith Kingsford commented on the hole that it was reminiscent of Dinkytown in Minneapolis, due to the presence of houses on one leg, commercial space after the first dogleg, and apartment buildings after the second dogleg. The first dogleg was marked with a water hazard that was actually a sewer repair site.


IKS Khin'VaghEdit

  • Lartika
  • Three more players and a caddy

USS AntechristEdit

USS MercutioEdit

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