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Poems, Prayers and Promises is a fan-fiction anthology, with stories by Kimberley Junius, and poems by Lillie Deane and Ms. Junius. Interior illustrations were by Ms. Junius, while the cover painting was by Barbara Caldwell. It was published in 1990 by Bill Hupe.

The anthology consists of stories and poems focused on Beverly Crusher. The contents are as follows:


  • "For Beverly" (poem)
  • "P/C" (poem)

Part I - Her BeginningEdit

  • "A Handful of Sunlight" (short story)
  • "from grace" (poem)
  • "Nola" (short story)
  • "Where are the calluses?" (poem)
  • "The Promises You Make" (short story)
  • "Minuet" (poem)

Part II - Ten Year MissionEdit

  • "Permission to Report" (poem)
  • "Caught" (poem)
  • "Between" (poem)
  • "Sides to a Single Coin" (short story)
  • "Two People" (poem)
  • "Quiet Moments" (poem)
  • "Picture You Here" (poem)

Part III - ReunionEdit

  • "One Who Remembers" (poem)
  • "Their Appointed Places" (short story)
  • "My Heart Says" (poem)
  • "Conception" (short story)
  • "Haven's Rest" (short story)

Part IV - Journey's EndEdit

  • "Valery" (poem)
  • "Journey's End" (short story)

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