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After finally getting a good night's sleep, the crew of the starship Geronimo wake up to find they are approaching the first planet to explore. Chy'Ken III, on the edge of the HoMoh sector is a small M-class world that made contact with the Federation just six months ago after developing subspace communications before warp drive, an unusual order for technology to develop in. One of Geronimo's suborders is to stop off at this planet during their mission of exploration and assist Chy'Ken engineers and scientists in developing their faster than light propulsion. After Captain Lewis briefs the crew on this, he orders Lt. Commander Lorkesh to set up an Engineering squad, and warns that he wants this diplomatic mission to go smoothly. He knows what the crew of Geronimo are like...

Captain Lewis and the senior officers plus Engineers and security beam down to the planet and a research center built into the side of a mountain cliff with a spectacular view of forest-covered rises. Meeting with the Chy'Ken Prime Minister, Lewis orders the engineers to get to work helping the natives, whilst the rest of the crew walk around the facility and take in the view. A little while later, there is another discussion with the Prime Minister taking place when security alarms start ringing and weapons fire is heard from the other side of the research center. Lewis and the security officers find that a small group of aliens have beamed into a science lab and have started killing the Chy'Kens in there. The security teams draw the alien's fire, but Lewis is captured in the process and Commander Kaialin orders the team to withdraw back to the Prime Minister's chamber. The alien leader stuns Lewis and they are all beamed away to a ship in orbit. Kaialin, in turn, orders beam up to the Geronimo straight away.

Back on the ship, Kaialin orders pursuit of the alien vessel, but the hostile is heavily armed and Geronimo is soon dead in the water with a warp core breach in progress. It seems that with both their Captain kidnapped and their ship about to explode, the crew have no hope of survival... (Star Trek: Redemption)

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