Pirak was a Cardassian male who served as an ambassador in a series peace talks following the Dominion War. Pirak believed that Cardassia needed new direction that would be achieved through peaceful relations with its neighbors.

In mid-2376, Pirak represented the Cardassian Union in a peace conference held on Deep Space 9 regarding the allocation of Cardassian territory ceded to the Breen Confederacy as part of the latter's treaty of alliance with the Dominion. When station security personnel came across plans to assassinate one of the delegates, suspicion quickly fell on the Breen. Later investigation revealed that Pirak was the target of a Kohn-Ma-True Way coalition intending to lay blame on the Breen as a pretext for taking more aggressive action against the Breen.

Pirak was saved from assassination in the nick of time when the Breen delegate paid him a visit. When security chief Ro Laren apprehended the delegate, she discovered that the Breen was really a Bajoran assassin, who had killed the Breen to create the illusion of a murder-suicide. (Star Trek: War Aftermath Episode 1: The True Way)

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