The Pink Panther class was a Lyran light cruiser built to counter the Hydran Huron-class. (RIS Bouteina: "Hussade Contract")


As with many Lyran Starfleet classes, their ancestors have a long lineage leading up to the current iteration.


An acceptable light cruiser, the Panther was produced in smaller numbers when the Wildcat battlecruiser was developed. The production lines used for the Panther were converted to help build the Wildcat-class units. (TOS video game: (Starfleet Command (game))

King Jaguar-classEdit

This ship was intended to alleviate the shortage of heavy cruiser hulls in the late war years. To simplify production, few changes were made to the outside of the hull. (Starfleet Command (game))

New Heavy Cruiser LeaderEdit

Intended to lead squadrons of King Jaguars, the NCAL was only produced in small numbers. The additional money and time involved in converting a NCA to a NCAL did not offer enough benefits to increase the production schedule. (Starfleet Command (game))

Pink Panther-classEdit

Actually, the Pink Panther-class was just a variant on a seldom-used variant of the King Jaguar considered too expensive in its day. Fortunately, it saw more uses than its predecessor and even saw the trial of fire during the Dominion War. (RIS Bouteina)


The Pink Panther class was named after the film series of the same name. Also, one of the ships of that class, as well as its captain, was named after Jacques Clouseau, the main character of that film series. Other ships of the Pink Panther class were named after policemen.

Known shipsEdit

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