Lieutenant Commander Phillip Winters is the Chief of Operations aboard the USS Dauntless. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

Early life and Starfleet careerEdit

Not much is actually known about Phillip Winters prior to his assignment aboard the USS Dauntless in mid-2372 as an Operations Officer. The only members of the crew he seemed to actually become friends with were the ship’s Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lotus Q, and the Commanding Officer, with whom he served during an earlier assignment. To the remainder of the crew, Winters remains somewhat of an enigma.

Aboard USS DauntlessEdit

Transferred with the majority of the surviving crew to the new starship USS Dauntless shortly after the Intrepid-class Dauntless was destroyed, where he assumed the position of Chief of Operations. Winters has remained a capable if not outstanding member of the crew ever since.

When Winters was noticed to be missing from his duty station during the Dauntless’ first encounter and battle with the Kairn in late 2380, the Chief of Operations was at first believed to possibly be a Kairn spy and incarcerated in the Dauntless brig for interrogation. It was later determined Winters was instead incapacitated in one of the starship’s holodecks at the time of the battle and incapable of reaching his battlestation. However, in spite of his verified alibi, First Officer K’danz has taken it upon herself to clandestinely keep a closer watch on the mysterious operations officer.

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