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Phil was the Chief of Starbase Operations in the late 23rd century. (Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures)

Early life before StarfleetEdit

Phil was born on November 4, 2210 human calendar time on the planet Earth in London, England.

Memorable quotesEdit


  • 2210: Phil is born on Earth in London, England.
  • 2226: Phil enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2230: Phil graduates Starfleet Academy. He is promoted to Ensign. His first assignment is the USS Constitution as a Helmsman.
  • 2232: Phil is promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and assigned to the USS Ptolemy as a Helmsman.
  • 2234: Phil is promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Exeter as the Assistant Chief Helmsman.
  • 2237: Phil is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is assigned to the USS Lexington Chief Hemlsman
  • 2241: Phil is assigned to the USS Revere as First Officer.
  • 2246: Phil is promoted to full Commander and assigned to Starfleet Academy as an Instructor. 
  • 2250: Phil is promoted to Captain and is Commanding Officer of the USS Republic.
  • 2254: Phil is assigned to the USS Potemkin as Commanding Officer.
  • 2257: Phil is promoted to Fleet Captain and is made First Officer of Starbase 6.
  • 2263: Phil is promoted to Commodore and receives command of Starbase 10.
  • 2268: Phil is promoted to Rear Admiral and is assigned to Starfleet Headquarters as Chief of Starbase Operations.

Service recordEdit

Cadet (2250s) Cadet 2226-2230 attended Starfleet Academy.
Officer (2250s).png
Yellow (2250s).png
Ensign 2230- 2232 assigned as Ensign on the USS Constitution as a Helmsman.
Lieutenant junior grade
2232-2234 assigned as a Helmsman on the USS Ptolemy.
Lieutenant 2234-2237 assigned as the Assistant Chief Helmsman on USS Exeter.
Lieutenant commander 2237-2246 Chief Helmsman on the USS Lexington, Executive Officer of the USS Revere.
Commander 2246-2250 Instructor on Starfleet Academy.
CAPT (2250s).png
Yellow (2250s).png
Captain 2250-2257 Commanding officer of the USS Republic, Commanding officer of the USS Potemkin
Fleet captain 2257-2263 Executive Officer on Starbase 6.
CDRE (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
Commodore 2263-2268 Commanding officer of Starbase 10.
RADM (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
Rear admiral 2270- Chief of Starbase Operations on Starfleet Headquarters.

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