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Philip "Phil" Boyce was a Federation Starfleet medical officer on active duty in the 23rd century.

Boyce was born in New York City, where he also received his medical training. His post-graduate work was at Hoystadt Children's Hospital. (Who's Who in Star Trek comic, vol. 1)

In the 2240s, Dr. Boyce was part of an immunological- and infectious disease-research team on Argelius. (TOS novel: The Children of Kings)

From 2246 to 2251, Dr. Boyce was assistant chief medical officer to Dr. Sarah Poole-April on the USS Enterprise under Captain Robert April's command. (The Captain's Table novel: Where Sea Meets Sky)

Dr. Boyce was repositioned as chief medical officer when Christopher Pike assumed command of Enterprise in 2251. He often served as Pike's confidant -- and bartender. (TOS: "The Cage")

Alternate continuitiesEdit

TOS novel: My Brother's Keeper trilogy: RepublicEdit

Dr. Boyce had died sometime during Pike's command of the Enterprise and had been replaced by Dr. Mark Piper.

Orion PressEdit

In this continuity, after command of Enterprise was transferred from Pike to James T. Kirk, Dr. Boyce was appointed surgeon general, a position he held until retirement in 2276. (Liberation from Hell)


Philip Boyce Pavilion, at Empire State Medical Complex in New York City, was named after him. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Nearly a Valediction")

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