Pellarin Lem was the second host of the Lem Trill symbiont. He was born in 2198 and died in 2268, and he was 28 when they were joined. The host and symbiont were joined for 42 years. (Starship Independence)

Pellarin was a healer by training, who used Vulcan techniques, including Kolinahr meditation, as part of his methods of treatment. ("Kobayashi Maru (Part 1)")

When Breawyn Lem was abducted by solanagen-based aliens and subjected to brutal torture, she utilized Pellarin's Kolinahr techniques to survive the abuse.

He was also a military enthusiast, achieving the rank of Klingon CharghwI' master, an exponent of fighting with the mek'leth. ("Ultraviolet") It was thought that part of Pellarin's martial streak was inherited by Breawyn Lem. Breawyn also thought that Pellarin would have enjoyed the ancient sport of pistol shooting. ("Quintessence of Life")

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