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Paul Hanks was a 24th century Starfleet officer. He was the commanding officer of the Intrepid Station from 2382 to 2389. In 2389, he was reassigned to the USS Sovereign as the commanding officer.


Hanks was born on March 12, 2325. Not much is known about his childhood, but it has been hinted that it might have been rough from time to time, but otherwise fine.

Hanks joined Starfleet Academy in 2343. He graduated in 2347 as the valedictorian of his class. He earned a rank of lieutenant junior grade and his first posting was the USS Ambassador. His ship was knwon for scuffling with the Romulans back in the day.

He was promoted to lieutenant commander and became the chief tactical officer of the USS Phoenix. When Captain Maxwell ordered him to open fire on a Cardassian outpost, Hanks objected, and was thrown into the brig. He later got out and beamed himself to the USS Enterprise-D.

He was promoted to commander in 2370, and became the first officer of the Intrepid-class prototype, USS Intrepid. He served with distinction on the ship, and it was his last assignment before he would be promoted to captain in 2382.

Service aboard the Intrepid StationEdit

In 2382, after his promotion to captain, Hanks took command of the new Intrepid Station. He accepted the job gladly and quickly ordered docking operations to begin. Numerous starships immediately docked with the station during the next few months.

The station engaged a Borg cube at the end of the year. Hanks, during that time, was away for a few days at Deep Space 9. When he returned, he found the station a little beat. It wasn't before he returned to the station that he was informed that the Borg attacked it.

In 2383, when 15 cubes assaulted the station and it was heavily damaged, Hanks was injured and knocked unconscious, forcing Commander Marcus to take command temporarily. After the armada was destroyed, Hanks recovered after several weeks.

In an alternate 2383, a larger armada destroyed the station, and Hanks was the only one of his command crew to survive. His escape pod was retrieved by Voyager. Hanks was then reassigned as the commanding officer of the USS Bonchune.

Later in the year, the Tal Shiar kidnapped Hanks and attempted to get information about the station out of him. He was later released when the Tal Shiar got the information from an unknown source.

In 2384, during the conflict with a rogue Jem'Hadar faction, Hanks was assigned to Starbase 375.

In 2385 and 2386, Hanks was the head commander of the fleets gathered to destroy the Borg fusion cube and tactical fusion cube. He wasn't injured during those battles, but he was angry after seeing the damage the Borg did to "his" station.

In alternate 2386, when the Borg assimilated the Intrepid Station, Hanks was assimilated as well. He was later killed when the station was destroyed.

In 2387, Hanks ordered reinforcements to the station after the Tal Shiar made another few attempts to capture it. In 2388, he went missing during the Borg's Omega experiments and related Starfleet-Borg skirmishes. He was later found alive and it was never revealed what happened to him.

In 2389, the station was mostly seen resupplying and repairing starships at the very end of the war between Starfleet and the Borg. After the Borg were defeated, Hanks was reassigned as the commanding officer of the USS Sovereign.


  • It is unknown why the author chose Mark Harmon to portray Captain Hanks.

Sources will be added later.

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