"Past Continuous" is a Star Trek Online fanfic by StarSword-C and gulberat, written for prompt #2 of Unofficial Literary Challenge #13: "In A.D. 2410, War Was Beginning".


Epigraph: quotation by Søren Kierkegaard

During the occupation of Deep Space 9 by time-shifted Dominion forces from 2374, Captain Kanril Eleya must work alongside Admiral Tayben Berat on Bajor to keep a fragile international fleet from tearing itself apart.


The story incorporates references to several events of the Star Trek Online level "Of Bajor".

It was described by StarSword-C in an accompanying post on the Arc Forums as "Masterverse-agnostic": written to be compatible with Masterverse canon, but also so it wouldn't conflict with previous stories by the authors in their own continuities.



Tayben BeratKagranKanril EleyaJirelle KavRelmira
Referenced only 
ch'HarrellChen SilesiHarkaK'menKanril TorvoKubus PohlJames KurlandLamat'ukanLorissSelost MarakAnthony MarconiSa'katRugan SkylYarik


Federation Klingon War (2405-2410)
Referenced only 
Dominion WarOccupation of Bajor


Hathon, Bajor
Referenced only 
Algira IIIBadlandsDeep Space 9

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

Ranks and titlesEdit

Referenced only 
colonelfield colonellegate

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaBajoran Nationalist PartyRepublic of BajorKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon Intelligence (as Imperial Intelligence) • StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Bajoran ResistanceCardassian Defense ForceCardassian Union

Technology and weaponsEdit

Referenced only 
police intelligence mainframe

Other referencesEdit

Hathon hammermoba fruit
Referenced only 

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