"Particle Mechanics" was the fifty-third episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the third episode of the third season.


Admiral Theseus introduces two new associates of his that will be taking over his position, Elena and Nelkast, who order the Phoenix-X to the Descenite system. There, the crew are ordered to acquire a piece of Descenite particle matrix technology. Meanwhile, Amp complains that his programming is different and that he is more impulsive. When the Phoenix-X captures the technology, Amp accidentally absorbs the particles into his holographic exoskeleton. The merging causes his program to be transferred to the computer database within the matrix particles-- literally freeing him from the confines of the computer. Before they know it, the Descenites go after Amp, intent on getting their technology back.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Don't worry. Amp can only exist within a computer's parameters."
"I found Amp. He's on the surface!"
"That's impossible!
Cell, RaeLuna, and Seifer

Background informationEdit

  • Elena and Nelkast are introduced in this episode, although their involvement-- as well as the Phoenix-X's direct involvement-- with Section 31 is not clarified until the episode "Departments".

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