Varis Sul
Varis Sul, tetrarch of the Paqu in 2369.
Form: tribalism
Location: Glyrhond Plateau, Bajor
Affiliation: Federation, Republic of Bajor
Head of State: tetrarch
Major Species: Bajorans
Religion: Bajoran religion, Kenidu
Language: Bajoran
Currency: Federation credit

The Paqu were a Bajoran ethnic group native to the Glyrhond Plateau who lived in a tribal society. (DS9: "The Storyteller"; Bait and Switch: "We Can Hope")


The Paqu were historical rivals with the neighboring Navot. A treaty signed between them in 2279 set their mutual border at the River Glyrhond, but during the Occupation of Bajor the Cardassians diverted the river 20 kilometers to the west, favoring the Paqu. In 2369 the Bajoran Provisional Government feared a war between the tribes over this territory, but Commander Benjamin Sisko used his status as Emissary of the Prophets to mediate the disagreement. The Paqu agreed to return the land they gained to the Navot in exchange for them to trade freely across the river. (DS9: "The Storyteller")


The leader of the Paqu was referred to as the tetrarch. In 2369 the tetrarch was Varis Sul, the fifteen-year-old daughter of the previous tetrarch who had been killed by the Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor. (DS9: "The Storyteller")

The Paqu were a group of tribes, one of which used the insignia of a fox-like animal encircled by old-style Bajoran hieroglyphs. (Bait and Switch: "We Can Hope")


Some Paqu followed the normal Bajoran religion, which they referred to as "the Bajora church", but others favored the older Kenidu faith. (Bait and Switch: "We Can Hope")


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