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The Pan-Semite Union was a political entity on Earth in the 23rd century. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

Sarah, wife of Avram ben Eliezer, was an emigré from the Pan-Semite Union to the colony of Hebron. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

Sadat City is a municipality in the Pan-Semite Union. Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb was born there. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

In some continuities, such as the branch universe of Star Trek, Israel was a political entity distinct from the Pan-Semite Union. (TOS novel: Starfleet Academy: The Delta Anomaly)

23rd-century Israel is also an independent nation-state in Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz's trilogy that begins with TOS novel: Vulcan's Forge. It may be that the Pan-Semite Union was short-lived as a nation-state. Alternately, perhaps only parts of Israel and Egypt became part of this nation.

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