The Pac-Man frigate was the basic frigate fielded by the Pac-Men in the 24th century. It was known to possess the same kind of maneuverability as the Saladin-class ships. (RIS Bouteina: "We're All In This Together")



A contemporary of the Constitution-class and Saladin-class designs, the then-Federation frigate had good forward firepower but had poor weapon arcs to the rear, like most Federation ships. The unique long–range ability of the photon torpedo meant that the FF can support long–range bombardments, unlike most frigates of other races. The FF was useful in many patrol and escort roles, but the design was quickly upgraded to the FFG for wartime use, which included photonic missile launchers.

The final iteration was one of two competing designs for the Federation war destroyer project, it was seriously considered because it could be built from frigate components. After a fly-off, it was decided that it was too small to accommodate future refits, and the Saladin-based War Destroyer was selected. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command (game))


In 2294, the Federation gave the Pac-Men, then the allies of the United Federation of Planets, blueprints to their least desirable hull designs, so they could mount a fleet against the ISC at the Federation's side. As the years progressed, their armed forces began to have their own shipyards produce more of the battle frigates. However, by 2385, they were looking to replace this class of battle frigates. (RIS Bouteina: "We're All In This Together")

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