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The Ovirapt class was a class of freighter that initially saw service with the Gorn Space Command in the 23rd century as light cruisers all the way to the heavy battle cruisers, depending on the internal configuration and era. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command (game))

Its Federation reporting name for the class was Euromastyx and, as for all Gorn ships, it was a sort of "nickname" by which it could be cited in reports and studies. These names were that of dinosaur or reptilian species from Earth.

It was noted to be a really boxy design by everyone who saw these in flight. By the 2380s, though, the Gorn Hegemony reaffected the vast majority of the starships of that class to use as freighters. Later refits used photonic missiles much in the same way as Mirak ships do.

The GHS Marianela was built by the Prime Industries pirate cartel to mimic freighters of this class. As such, the ship would be externally indistinguishable from these freighters in weaponry and external appearance viewpoints. (RIS Bouteina)

Note: The dimensions of the ship are those of its 24th century counterpart.

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