Orphans of War is a 12-minute fan film combining elements and characters of the Star Trek: Intrepid and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier fan film series.


The battle to drive off the Archein Empire has met with success - and a heavy price. The Odyssey is missing in action and feared lost; and as Starfleet searches for survivors of the latest battle alongside the Romulans, they discover that there's something that the Archeins have left behind.

When Lieutenant S'Ceris receives a call for help from his Romulan contacts, Captain Daniel Hunter enlists the help of an old friend to lend a hand. But when the mission goes sour, it becomes a race against time for Shelby to save her friends and destroy the last Archein stronghold in Romulan space.



Orphans of War is believed to be the first full-fledged team up of two fan film crews. Cast from Star Trek: Intrepid traveled to Los Angeles to film Orphans of War with the Star Trek: Hidden Frontier team in October 2007, producing a short film that merges both Hidden Frontier and Intrepid.

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