Orion slave girls

Three Orion slave girls

Orion slave girls were Orion females that were sold at slave markets. Orion slave girls were a much sought after commodity due to their sexual allure and appetites. (TOS: "The Cage"; ENT: "Bound")

Many Orion females sold as slaves were covert operatives seeking increase their personal wealth and satisfy their sexual desires. Some Orion females, however, were actual slaves.

Fan continuitiesEdit

Star Trek CrusaderEdit

In 2370, Candela Greene, a Orion/Human hybrid, was made the slave girl of a Romulan named Juraan. She would remain his slave for four years before escaping.

Star Trek: Hidden FrontierEdit

Vorina also served as a slave girl before turning to piracy.

Star Trek: PioneerEdit

In late 2382, Commander B'verk and Lieutenant Curtis Hogan saw an Orion slave girl at a Romulus night club. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "Night Club")

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