The Orion class of cruisers and dreadnoughts were types of Federation starships on active duty in Starfleet during at least the early 24th century.

The Orions were based on the design of the Ambassador-class heavy cruisers that debuted in the 2220s.

There were three variants:

  • AWACS - The primary hull was directly mated to a secondary hull. Two warp nacelles below the Ambassador secondary hull on downward pylons; a sensor pod was on dorsal pylons above the rear of the primary hull. Example: USS Farriss (NCC-54601)
  • Cruiser - the two warp nacelles were on horizontal pylons attached to the rear of a secondary hull. Example: USS Patterson (NCC-54652)
  • Dreadnought - the two warp nacelles were on downward pylons attached to the rear of a secondary hull, while a third (above the primary hull) was on an extension connected to the pylons. Example: USS Simenon (NCC-55254)

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