Order of the Five Moons
order of chivalry
Awarded for
meritorious service
current (2412)
Award Order of Precedence
Next lowest Concurrent Next highest
Order of the Five Moons

The Order of the Five Moons was a Bajoran chivalric order. Being named to it was the highest military honor attainable by a member of the Bajoran Militia, an honor normally given posthumously and never to a non-Militiaman.

In 2412 General of the Bajoran Militia Elwar Murin threatened to defy this convention by naming the deceased Sobaru Lanstar to the Order if Starfleet didn't give her a medal for her part in the Battle of Goralis, the circumstances of which had been classified. (The War of the Masters: "The Only Way to Go")

The name of the order seems to reference the five moons of the planet Bajor.

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