Orb of time

The Orb of Time

The Orb of Time was one of nine orbs of the Prophets sent to the Bajoran people over a 10,000 year period.

During the Cardassian occupation of Bajor the orb was confiscated by the Cardassians and shipped off the planet. In 2373, the orb was returned to the Bajoran people. During transiting the orb back to Bajor the USS Defiant was sent back in time using the orb in an attempt to alter history. The plot was stopped and the orb was used to return the Defiant to the correct time. (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations")

In 2374, Kira Nerys used the orb to travel to 2346 in order to confirm Gul Dukat's claim that he and her mother were lovers. (DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

Limis Vircona used the Orb of Time in order to return to her correct time period from the 31st century. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: The Tides of War, Part II)

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