Oralian Peace Union
OPU flag
Founded: 2381
Type: Intergovernmental
Head: Talnoc Lore
Abbreviation: OPU
Status: Active

The Oralian Peace Union (abbreviated OPU) was an organization formed after the Oralian Peace Conference on March 14, 2381 by delegates from various Oralian sector species. (Star Trek: Pioneer: ("Aftermath")


According to the articles of the Oralian Peace Union treaty, the Union would be lead by a council made up of two representatives from each of its charted members.



Talnoc Lore, first Secretary-General of the OPU from Star Trek: Pioneer

The post of Secretary-General was deemed to be the title of the chairperson of the Union. He or she would be nominated and elected by his or her peers each year, with limitless term limits.


The mandate of the Oralian Peace Union was to foster peace and mediate disputes in the Oralian sector.


Coalition WarEdit

During the war all of the OPU representatives were moved to Deep Space Five (presumably for their own safety), where they took up offices and residence during the war.



The Oralian Peace Union, as it appears in Season 4 of Star Trek: Pioneer was inspired by the League of Nations.

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