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Map of the Oralian Sector from Star Trek: Pioneer

The Oralian Peace Conference was an event which took place from March 9, 2381 to March 14, 2381 aboard Deep Space 5 between various representatives of the planets, people, and governments that make up the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


Many of the Oralian sector governments sent representatives to the conference aboard Deep Space 5 in the hopes of creating a lasting and stable peace through out the region. Despite being invited, the So'ja Coalition did not attend. ("Security Threat")


Those who declined to attend the conference: Rigusians, So'ja, Tacumah'da, and the Di'gan.


Day 1Edit

Day 2Edit

  • Debates and Discussions
  • Speaker: Ambassador Shitick

Day 3Edit

  • Debates and Discussions
  • Speaker: Grace Mul La

Day 4Edit

Day 5Edit


The Oralian Peace Union was formed as a result of the Oralian Peace Conference. Most of the delegates went away from the conference confident in the fact that they had just created an organization that would be a stabilizing force in the Oralian sector. However, despite their best efforts, the Coalition War began on May 25, 2381. ("Aftermath")

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