An Oppressor Gateway.

An Oppressor Gateway was a device created by the species known in Oralian sector as the Oppressors. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


Gateways were circular in shape, and were usually found placed on a platform or in a wall. The size varied, but most were large enough for a person to walk through. While inactive, the gateway resembled a perfect ring, with a empty clear center that looked like the opening of a tunnel that does no exist. When activated, by pressing a button on one side, the gate would open, to a kawoosh sound, revealing a swirling vortex in the center of ring that resembled liquid magma.

The dark metal used in its construction was undefinable by Starfleet scanners, and had no match in the Federation database.


The original purpose behind the Gateways was lost when the Oppressors disappeared. However, many have speculated over what that purpose could be.

Some primitive species who encountered them thought that they were doorways to other realms or different dimensions. Others thought that they were prisons, designed to trap dangerous individuals.


In 2383, the crew of the USS Pioneer discovered a Gateway on the planet Yoth. ("The Forgotten Planet")


  • The Gateways, in appearance, were inspired by the Stargate franchise.

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