Operation Mockingbird
Part of Iconian War
Date: 2410
Location: Iconia system
Result: Galactic Alliance victory
  • Allied forces suffer severe casualties
  • Iconian invasion ends
Galactic Alliance Iconians
unknown unknown
approximately two-thirds of the combined fleet

Operation Mockingbird was the final battle of the Iconian War, taking place in 2410. (Bait and Switch: "Light on the Horizon")


Following further Iconian attacks on the allies, including an attack on Earth that destroyed Paris, France and Earth Spacedock, Klingon General Kagran proposed a frontal assault on the Herald Sphere. This idea was roundly rejected as suicidal by the allies, but in response, Captain Kanril Eleya proposed using such an attack as a distraction while the Undine breached the Dyson sphere and a ship launched a Sunseed sunkiller weapon into the Iconia star.


The battle lasted only forty minutes and was a great success for the allies, but at great cost: approximately two-thirds of the combined fleet was lost.

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