Operation Mockingbird
Part of Iconian War
Date: 2410
Location: Iconia system
Result: Major Galactic Alliance strategic victory, tactical Pyrrhic Alliance victory
  • Allied forces suffer severe casualties
  • Iconian invasion ends
Galactic Alliance Iconian Empire
unknown unknown
approximately two-thirds of the combined fleet

Operation Mockingbird was the final battle of the Iconian War, taking place in 2410. (Bait and Switch: "Light on the Horizon")


Although the initial battles of the Iconian War were an overwhelming strategic victory for the Milky Way powers, with multiple Iconian Supreme High Lords killed in action and tens if not hundreds of thousands of Herald warships destroyed, the tides soon turned, marked in part by a catastrophic Klingon military defeat at the Battle of Dinasia. (Bait and Switch: "A Matter of Honor")

Following further Iconian attacks on the allies, including an attack on Earth that destroyed Paris, France and Earth Spacedock, Klingon General Kagran proposed a frontal assault on the Herald Sphere. This idea was roundly rejected as suicidal by the allies, but in response, Captain Kanril Eleya proposed using such an attack as a distraction while the Undine breached the Dyson sphere and a ship launched a Sunseed sunkiller weapon into the Iconia star.


The battle lasted only forty minutes and was a great success for the allies, but at great cost: approximately two-thirds of the combined fleet was lost.

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