Glinn Onay Motreln serves aboard the Cardassian warship Sherouk--a position that unlike many in the Cardassian Guard, she holds because she has chosen it. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

Motreln's seniority depends on the Sigils and Unions understanding of her rank, which places the glinns directly under the gul.

Following his disabling injury on Volan III and subsequent battle to retain command, her commander, Gul Tayben Berat, presented the officers of the Sherouk ranked dalin and above the chance to transfer away without prejudice if they felt for any reason that they could not continue to serve under him. Motreln--like all of the other officers offered the choice--chose to remain with Berat on the Sherouk.

When the Cardassian Union was absorbed into the Dominion, Motreln shared her commander's discontent on the way her people were being treated and gladly aided Berat in devising a way to take out the Dominion contingent aboard the Sherouk--including a punishment aimed specifically at the Vorta, Dasreen.

Motreln demonstrated particular skill in the use of holography both to incapacitate the Vorta and to simulate him in communications with other vessels...and also demonstrated her admiration for Gul Berat's actions in using himself as a lure for the Vorta not just in her words, but in her design of the attacking hologram--which bore a striking resemblance to Berat in height and build. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Let He Who Has Eyes See", The Thirteenth Order)

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