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"On a Knife Edge" is the first and only story, thus far, in the series Star Trek: Pioneer, written by Dave Philpot in June of the year 2009. In the year 2598, a new species threatens the Federation and attacks one of its key worlds as a prelude to invasion.

Plot detailsEdit

The year: 2598. The Federation is clinging to survival after a cataclysmic attack on one of its most prominent worlds. As a ragtag fleet regroups, a still unknown enemy returns to Federation space in an attempt to finish off one of the galaxy’s longest running empires.

They call themselves the Saer'nar; a nomadic yet technologically sophisticated race that has traveled for over 1400 years from its origin in the Andromeda Galaxy; a race that intends to restart its once proud empire, at the expense of all who stand in its way.

In an emergency meeting, the Federation appoints Lorel of Vulcan as its new president. Attempting to maintain already fragile alliances whilst keeping the Saer'nar at bay, the revered diplomat must send his forces to fight for the very existence of the Federation’s future, or face complete annihilation. 

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