Olympus is the sixth episode of the first season of Star Trek: Abandoned.


Returning to the planet after a long scouting mission, Will and Rhiohr detect an anomalous signal being broadcast. The control room confirms this and redirects their shuttle to investigate. Landing in a large valley in a mountain range, sensors indicate something of great interest beneath the surface.

In a building on the edge of the valley, the senior staff (minus Will and Rhiohr) are wondering what new discovery has been made now, and Nathan appears particularly resentful that he was not made aware of it. Rhiohr escorts them down a very long ladder to the bottom of the complex - which turns out to be a hangar, with a massive starship still landed there. The team investigates inside, and little doubt is left that the vessel may be extremely useful to them.

Several hours later on a balcony overlooking the ship, Will and Nathan discuss its name. The doctor decides on Olympus, after the Earth mountain and home to the gods of Greek mythology. There is almost a romantic quality in the air, but the moment is shattered when Will is summoned to the control room. Nathan and Hanar are overseeing preparations for a test flight. Meanwhile, T'Sora informs Will that they have detected sixteen more signals similar to that broadcasted by Olympus. She believes that they are emanating from smaller ships within the confines of the city. The lieutenant gives her permission to investigate, and if possible, repair them.

The first flight gets underway, and Olympus successfully leaves the planet and heads into space. After the initial success, Rhiohr requests he be allowed to fully test the ship's capabilities. Nathan, in command of the ship, agrees.

In the city, T'Sora makes a troubling discovery. She assumes the signals being broadcasted by the ships are nothing more than a means of alerting them to their presence, but they seem to have had an added effect - that of a warning to others. She has detected a single vessel leaving a far-off system, heading toward the planet, about three weeks away.

Her trials a success, Olympus returns to the hangar. Will informs the remaining staff of the approaching vessel, and somehow their new discovery seems less significant.

Cast of CharactersEdit

Main castEdit

  • Doctor Nathan Carson
  • Lieutenant Will Gates
  • Professor T'Sora
  • Ensign Hanar D'Jan
  • Ensign Kira Rhiohr
  • Doctor Anton Tagan

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • “I’ve yet to set foot in a building that’s heard of the lift...” -- Nathan, after seeing the only way to travel down eighty levels is a ladder.

External LinksEdit

Olympus at Ad Astra

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