Olivia Juneau served as chief operations officer of the USS Gibraltar. She had been identified as a chronic under-achiever, consistently setting unrealistic goals and then failing to fulfill them. (Star Trek: Gibraltar)

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Juneau graduated at the bottom third of her class.

Prior Starfleet serviceEdit

Juneau's wartime posting was to a heavily fortified communications relay station in the Angarsi system, where she apparently made something of a nuisance of herself. Her last commanding officer was more than happy to transfer her to the newly recommissioned Gibraltar.

USS GibraltarEdit

Juneau was assigned to the ship prior to their Lakesh mission.

Runabout BrahmaputraEdit

In April of 2376, Liana Ramirez recommended Juneau to command the Danube-class ship to patrol grid Alpha-Epsilon 3 along the Federation/Cardassian border. A level 3 shockwave of chronometric energy disabled them at the far edge of the Pierosh system. They were later rescued.

Memorable quotesEdit

"I’m thinking of a number…It’s a prime number…that number is thirty-one."
— Olivia Juneau addressing the Gibraltar's EMH in Sickbay. ("Geometries of Chance")

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