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Oklahoma is a state located in the central part of the United States, bordering Kansas to the north, Missouri to the northeast, Arkansas to the east, Colorado to the northwest, New Mexico to the west and Texas to the south. It was the 46th state to join the union. Much of the land mass of the state is plains, and the state has four primary mountain ranges, the Ouachitas, the Arbuckles, the Wichitas and the Ozarks.

It is nicknamed the "Bay State" because of Oklahoma Bay. The state has some large urban areas, a number of smaller industrial cities, and many small towns. Oklahoma City is the state capital and is the largest metro area. Norman, Tulsa and Broken Arrow are other large cities. Residents of Oklahoma are properly known as Oklahomans" or "Sooners".

During an alternate timeline in which Nazi Germany had invaded the United States, as of 1944, Oklahoma was controlled by American forces. (ENT: "Storm Front")

In 2151, First Contact was made with Klingons when Klaang crash-landed in Broken Bow (ENT: "Broken Bow").

In 2157, Leonora Digiorno graduated from Oklahoma State University (In Between Days: An Announcement).

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