Occupational therapy (in the Federation) or ergotherapy (in the Lyran Star Empire) is the use of treatments to develop, recover or maintain the daily living and work skills of people with a physical, developmental or mental condition. It is known to be a patient-centered area of medicine, which focuses on adapting the environment or skills of the patient. Practitioners are known as occupational therapists or ergotherapists.


Federation OT education was often graduate school-level, leading to a master's degree called either a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy or a Master of Occupational Therapy. Lyran OT programs granted Doctor of Ergotherapy degrees, styled ErgD, lasting for four years (if entered without prior undergraduate education) or two years (if entered with a prior undergraduate degree). Both offered the option of earning dual degrees. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Asteroid Dusting")

Universities offering occupational therapyEdit


Lyran Star EmpireEdit

Appearances in Star Trek fanonEdit

Occupational therapy was used in treating phaser-induced peripheral neuropathy. (Thirteenth Order (Sigils and Unions))

Chloe Galarza was the occupational therapist assigned to the USS Antechrist. (Star Trek: False Vacuum)

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