Note, this is not the same person as the "Number One" who served aboard the USS Enterprise.

The woman known as "Number One" was a captain in the United Earth Space Probe Agency. She served aboard the SS Yorktown during the 2220s. She appeared to be very worldly with an indeterminate age and a middle eastern look. She claimed to come from a culture where it wasn't proper to speak one's name, and preferred to be addressed by her rank.

She served as executive officer under Major Gary Mitchell, and looked up to him as a mentor. She succeeded him as commander of the starship in 2224, and maintained good relations with the Axanar during this period. She gained respect and loyalty from the crew of the Yorktown.

In 2229, she was against the UESPA-Starfleet merger, and requested to be transferred to UESPA Headquarters. Her request denied, she continued to serve aboard the ship as Lieutenant Commander Robert April's executive officer. Although she did not respect April's command style and naivete, she eventually began to understand him. Starfleet tradition states that the commander of a vessel be addressed as "Captain," and since April wanted to instill this in his crew, he forbade them from referring to his XO this way. Instead, April came up with the old naval moniker "Number One." (Star Trek is...)

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