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The Novel-length Textual Products were a series of novels written by Janielle Potvin, with the assistance (while acknowledged, were not credited as authors) of other fighter pilots stationed on Unity Three Starbase. It was published by Carnegie Mellon University Press. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "No plot? No problem!")


Explosive TerrorEdit

The treasurer of a totalitarian regime, whose technology level was akin to early WW1-era totalitarian regimes on Earth, was assassinated. Two DTI agents found themselves investigating the crime. At some point in the book, Major general A.G. Cascone calls for 100,000 heads to roll, using a battery of unguided missiles to inflict part of the death toll.

Lord of the GraveyardEdit

A.G. Cascone, no longer the chief executioner of the regime, is the target of a band of resistance fighters based on a ranch.


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