A novel is a long work of prose fiction, which may be subcategorized into a number of genres including, but not limited to: Science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, historical and horror.

A ghostwriter is an author who write texts that are credited to other people. Sometimes they are used (usually in non-fiction) because the credited authors otherwise do not have the textual expertise or time to write the book themselves; otherwise they are used (primarily in fiction) to enhance the "productivity" of highly popular authors.

Several formats of novel existed, for example the holographic novel, as well as the traditional, hardcopy novel. In addition, several publishers made heavy usage of ghostwriters, like Carnegie Mellon University Press. CMU Press was unusual among university presses extant in the 25th century for specializing in novels, rather than in academic non-fiction, as was the case with most major university presses. Publishers that engaged in similar practices were said to churn "extruded book products". (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Scrap Yard Vegas")

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