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The Norway class was a type of Federation starship in service during the latter half of the 24th century.

The authorized reference work Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual designated this class a medium cruiser, while Ships of the Star Fleet designated this class a frigate and the Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 1: The Ships of Starfleet call it a fast frigate.

Design featuresEdit


The Norway-class vessel was designed to operate with a crew of one hundred and ninety. It also has a maximum evacuation capacity of five hundred beings. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)


Norways were equipped with six Type-X phaser arrays. One of the phaser emplacements was located in the same area as the main deflector. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual; Star Trek: First Contact)

The ship was also equipped with two torpedo launchers. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

Naming schemaEdit

The naming schema for one block of Norway-class starships was derived from cities in the country of Norway, on Earth. (SCE ebook: War Stories, Book One)

The naming schema for another block was apparently derived from the historical names of Terran nation-states in Scandinavia, Central Europe and Eastern Europe and their respective capital cities. (Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 2: Patrol Combatants. 2377-78.)

Background informationEdit

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