Noelle Madalyn Shan (née Connor) was an engineering assistant and operations engineering manager aboard the USS Takeda Shingen. (Eighth Fleet RPG)

She was a petite, freckled blonde with her hair cut in a short, athletic style.

Despite her low commissioned rank as of 2382, she actually had a total of twenty two years of service, including decorations for war service (which included time spent as a Dominion Prisoner of War) - she started off as enlisted, and opted to earn her Bachelor's Degree (the hard way, over a period of time) and take a new direction with her career.

She had an enthusiastic interest in other cultures, especially the traditional culture, language and history of Earth's China prior to the 20th century. She also became a fluent speaker of Bajoran over the years, and was well versed in that culture, thanks to being married to a Bajoran man for ten years.

As of 2382 (spurred by a romance with her now-husband, Therav th'Shan), Andor could be added to the cultures she found interesting. She and Therav met while serving together aboard the Takeda Shingen.

Therav called her "Little Warrior", "Weapon", and "Lor'Vela", as she was an accomplished horsewoman and martial artist. She taught wushu and Yang-style tai qi during the USS Takeda Shingen's long, often uneventful patrols.

Additionally, she enjoyed literature, particularly English classics and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien (and other fantasy authors), and C.S. Lewis (but more his philosophical/religious works).

As of 2382, she had two children from a previous marriage - Arianna, 11, and Joray, 8. Both lived with their father on his native Bajor.

In 2383, following a long period of soul-searching, she made the difficult decision to retire from active duty and leave her post aboard the USS Takeda Shingen, and moved into the home that she and her new husband had purchased (in Eagle River, Alaska). Arianna, her daughter from her previous marriage, came to live with her, and Therav spends his leave time there as well, with Earth being his new home after his ostracism from Andor.

Noelle is presently pursuing graduate studies in engineering and management and is in reserve status, meaning that duty reactivation is a possibility in event of conflict, if Starfleet determines that her skills and experience are needed.

She was a Christian (of a fairly liberal denomination), which is notable because it is rare for humans to practice a religion. This was a very private matter to her, one she did not openly discuss with most people.

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