Vice Admiral Nikos "Nick" Demetriou was the superintendent of Starfleet Academy. He was formerly Richard Boswell's commanding officer aboard the USS Benjamin Franklin. (Star Trek: Remington)


Demetriou's first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy was as a security officer aboard the USS Addis Ababa.

Service jacketEdit

Previous assignmentsEdit

CN Sleeve (TWOK).png
Red Green Enlisted Sleeve (TWOK).png
First-year cadet 2322-2326 Starfleet Academy
PO2 Sleeve (TWOK).png
Red Green Enlisted Sleeve (TWOK).png
Second-year cadet
PO1 Sleeve (TWOK).png
Red Green Enlisted Sleeve (TWOK).png
Third-year cadet
CPO Sleeve (TWOK).png
Red Green Enlisted Sleeve (TWOK).png
Fourth-year cadet
ENS Shoulder (TWOK).png
Green Shoulder (TWOK).png
Ensign 2326-2328 Security officer USS Addis Ababa
LTJG Shoulder (TWOK).png
Green White Shoulder (TWOK).png
Lieutenant junior grade 2328-2331 Deputy security chief USS Benjamin O. Davis
LT Shoulder (TWOK).png
Green White Shoulder (TWOK).png
Lieutenant 2331-2336 Security chief USS Windsor
LCDR Shoulder (TWOK).png
Green White Shoulder (TWOK).png
Lieutenant commander 2336-2343 USS Midway
LCDR Shoulder (TWOK).png
White Green Shoulder (TWOK).png
2343-2348 Security chief, tactical officer USS Guardian
CDR Shoulder (TWOK).png
White Shoulder (TWOK).png
Commander 2348-2354 First officer USS Benjamin Franklin
CDR (Early TNG).png
Red (Early TNG).png
CAPT (Early TNG).png
Red (Early TNG).png
Captain 2354-2361 Commanding officer
RDML 1 (Early TNG).png
Red Admiral 1 (Early TNG).png
Rear admiral lower half 2361-2367
RDML (TNG).png
Admiral (TNG).png
RADM (TNG).png
Admiral (TNG).png
Rear admiral upper half 2367-2374
RADM (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
VADM (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
Vice admiral 2374- Superintendent Starfleet Academy

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