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The Nikon Empire was an ancient but juvenile civilization, who had advanced technologies, including Raekwon technology. The Empire was not but a single planet homeworld, which was, one day, destroyed. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In the time before the end of the Nikon planet, two members of its community achieved a mental discipline known as telekinesis. Being young and that of impulse, the two practiced their power on anything and everything. It wasn't until one day they used their power on one of their planet's greatest technological power sources... This resulted in a massive explosion that encompassed the whole planet, sparing the two telekenetic's, but killing the rest of the civilization.

Years later, the planet has become an unending wasteland due to radiation and high temperatures. ("Afterdeath")


Sometime before the Nikon planet's destruction, the world was invaded by the Hexen race, who stole several articles of Nikon technology. ("Alien Interference")

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