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You may also be looking for Night Gotens, of the same Trill host.

Night Seifer was a joined Trill, second-host of the Seifer symbiont and second symbiont of the Night host. He began his symbiotic existence in 2379, joined against his will, when his previous symbiont, the Gotens symbiont, was stolen and replaced. Before his forced-joining, he was known as Night Gotens. Night Seifer served as a Starfleet first officer and then commanding officer aboard the USS Phoenix-X in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Seifer served as first officer aboard the USS Phoenix-X, where he was joined against his will to the Seifer symbiont by Trill thieves. ("Secret Shuttles, Part I")

USS Phoenix-XEdit

His time on the Phoenix-X had always been anti-productive. On several occasions, Seifer had been known to deal with black market trades, or had been known to steal technology from other ships. His "bad-guy" actions are said to be caused by the Seifer symbiont's influence, itself, since the Symbiont's life in Lex, previously, was never a law-abiding one. ("Phoenix Restoration", "Departments")

Seifer had also been known to have an obsession with getting his old Symbiont back. During a time-loop in which he was forced to live aboard Vector 3, Seifer hijacked the ship and tried to force it into the mirror universe three times. ("Secret Shuttles, Part IV", "Avalon Battlefield, Part I")

In 2377, Commander Seifer was forced to question his own desire to be loyal to his crew after his actions during a battle with the Ceavon were criticized. But he quickly re-established his loyalty when he risked his life to save the Phoenix-X crew from death when the crew's minds were taken over by Thalia particles. ("Loyalties, Part II")

In 2380, Seifer took command of the Phoenix-X for a short period when Section 31 forced him to force Cell off the ship. Section 31 believed the Captain had become too powerful with omni'X ability. But with Seifer's help Cell was able to remain as Captain on board the Phoenix-X. ("Power Levels")

Commanding officerEdit

In 2391, he assumed command of the Phoenix-X, when Cell left Starfleet. Despite being in command, he was not promoted to Captain in rank. ("The Needs of the Plenty", "For the World is Worldly and Such")

Resignation from StarfleetEdit

In 2393, Seifer went rogue and broke into Starfleet's Latinum Storage facility. He also time-traveled back over ten years, where he engaged in further criminal activities. In the early 2380s he was caught and jailed by Starfleet. ("Transphasic Meltdown")





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