Riganoff has a memorable evening.


Captain Markev Riganoff and the crew of the USS Ticonderoga visit Romulus. Captain Riganoff has a memorable evening, but can't remember any of it. The crew search for answers... An Onion slave girl and Tal Shiar agents, how do they fit in?

Key eventsEdit

  • Riganoff steps foot in the Romulan Senate.
  • Tal Shiar obtains information from Riganoff.

Memorable quoteEdit

"What? Sorry, Orion females have special abilities that... "
"Yes, sir, I can see that."
— Hogan and B'verk discussing the nude dancing Onion slave girl.

"The Tal Shiar is obviously up to something, and I'm sure that Starfleet would like to be kept informed."
"All right, but can we leave out the part about the Onion slave girl?"
— B'verk and Riganoff discussing informing Starfleet about the previous night's events.


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