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"Nibiru" was the sixteenth "unofficial" episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the fourteenth "unofficial" episode of the fifth season. It was the sixteenth Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry for the Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge and was the only Star trek: Phoenix-X entry for the twentieth challenge of those unofficial challenges. It was the first entry to focus on five ships of Task Force Epsilon, including all ships which have appeared thus far in Star Trek: Phoenix-X entries for the Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge. The story is comprised of three 'parts' and is completed.


Task Force Epsilon investigates a cluster of oddly-behaving black holes until all Captains are suddenly beamed aboard an abandoned USS Phoenix-X.

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Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis
Nibiru, Part I Feb 17 2016 PNX156_U016NA Samya joins the rest of Task Force Epsilon on a mission to explore a cluster of oddly-behaving black holes.
Nibiru, Part II Mar 12 2016 PNX156_U016NB On the Phoenix-X, the Captains are forced to join Mayhem in tracking down Oroku Seifer.
Nibiru, Part III May 10 2016 PNX156_U016NC Crashed on the planet Nibiru, the Captains of Task Force Epsilon, slighted by Mayhem, have to work together to stop Seifer from claiming God-hood.

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