The Newton-class vessels were a class of science vessel first launched in 2414. (Star Trek: Helen)


The Newton-class was first developed out of a need for new science vessels along with the Destiny-class. Built for deep space exploration, the Newton-class was constructed to explore potential new wormholes leading to other galaxies.

The Newton was built to last while being stranded in deep space. The ship was designed to be completely self-sufficient in the event of the loss of the crew, and could only have control re-established by a Command level authorization code. The ships were also outfitted with an Emergency Command Hologram system.

First MissionEdit

The first official mission of the Newton-class was the USS Helen being sent through a wormhole that supposedly led to the Andromeda Galaxy. After the collapse of the wormhole, intergalactic travel was put on hold for the time being.

Known Commissioned ShipsEdit

  • USS Helen (NCC-97081)

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